The Shadow of Fawayid ul Fawad in Majales-e-Jahangiri


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  • Narges Jaberinasab


Fawayid ul Fawad, Amir Hassan Sajzi, Nizamuddin Aowliya, Majales -e-Jahangiri, Abdul Sattar Lahori, Jahangir Shah


Amir Hassan Sajzi, a great poet and writer of the seventh century, was one of the disciples and lovers of Sheikh Nizamuddin Aowliya, attended the Sheikh’s lectures and collected her words and speeches in a book called " Fawayid ul Fawad". The Book namely Al-Fawad includes five volumes and one hundred and eighty-eight speeches .The speeches of Sheikh Nizamuddin Aowliya include the explanation and interpretation of the verses of the Qur’an and words and hadiths, the anecdotes of the Imams, the Righteous Caliphs and the Sufi.The teachings of the elders, the moral teachings, the role of social life, the issues of Sufism, the comparison of reason and love, and the biographies of many Sufis, poets, and elders who lived in the seventh and eighth centuries are among the topics has been written in this book.Abdul Sattar Lahori, like Amir Hassan Sajzi, writes a collection of Jahangir Shah’s words and speeches. For this work, he attends Jahangir Shah Mughal’s speeches at night and writes down what he hears and sees. Abdul Sattar writes the explanation and description of 122 sessions and lecturesIn this article, the author tries to show that Abdul Sattar Lahori was influenced in writing the book " Majales -e-Jahangiri " by writing of the book "Fawayed Al-Fawad", in other words, the words of Nizamuddin Aowliya written by Amir Hassan Sajzi .In fact, " Majales -e-Jahangiri " are the imitation of the Fawayid ul Fawad. Abdul Sattar Lahori’s relationship with Jahangir Shah was just like Amir Hassan Sajzi’s relationship with NizamuddinAowliya. He has seen Jahangir Shah through the eyes of his Mentor and teacher, and the shadow of Fawayid ul Fawad can be seen in " Majales -e-Jahangiri ".