“Reflection of the Personality of Hazrat Ali in the Persian Books of Mir Hussain Ali Khan Talpur”


  • anahita Journal
  • Nelofer Mumtaz


Sindh, Mir Hussain Ali Khan, Imam Ali, miracles, philosophy.


The royal dynasty of Talpursstarts from1783 to1843.Emperores of this kingdom are like shining stars of Persian literature, language and they had mastery over poetry and prose of Persian. Their literary contribution is the asset of history of Sindh.Among those literary giants of Talpur Amirs, there was a prince named Mir Hussain Ali Khan Talpur the youngest son of Mir Noor Muhammad Khan Talpur. Who was banished at the age of 12 or 13 with his other family members after the battle of Meeanee in 1843.Despite of exile, he always remainssturdy and strong in his believe and faith. He and his forefathers were the followers and believers of Imam Ali. Therefore, he expresses his love and affection to Hazrat Ali by writing four different books on the personality of Abu Talib’s son. But he analysed the personality of Imam Ali in his four books with unique and identical style. In this article all aspects of the personality of Hazrat Ali has been discussed with textual evidences from the poetry and prose of Mir Hussain Ali Khan Talpur. All informationof the article will be very knowledgeable for all readers.