Nasser Khosrow and Saadi Shirazi-Fekri Bami


  • anahita Journal
  • Rozina Anjum Naqvi


God, Man, Nasser Khosr, Saadi Shirazi, Thought, Ethics, Poetry


Many famous and valuable personalities were born in mainland Iran who enriched the candle of knowledge and literature with their intellectual ability and left scientific and moral traces aspecially for the formation of the individual,one of them is Hakim Nasir Khosrow bin Haris Al-Bakhi Al-Maruzi who is reformer in Persian literature. He is considered on architect and the center of his thought in moral issues. The great poet of 7th century Sa’di shirazi is a preacher and He gave heartfelt advice for reforming the human being.That is why he is called a moral teacher. The religious and moral commonalities of these two great poets in the article discussed theology in particular, Manqabat Hazrat Ali, Badshahi and the government of scetcism and piety brotherhoodhuman righteousness, human suffering,greed,etc.