Additional Verses in Khwaja Abdullah Ansari’s Munajat: A Critical Analysis


  • anahita Journal
  • Muhammad Safeer
  • Shagufta Yaseen Abbasi


Khawaja Abdullah Ansari, Munajat, Sufisim, Additional Verses, fourth century


Khwaja Abdullah Ansariis the most famous Sufi of the fourth century AH, who is known all over the world for his Munajat. He has always been considered significant among the people of Tariqah and Sufism. However, in various editions of the Munajat, there are many poems and verses that are ascribed to him but in fact all these verses are additions in the Khawaja Abdullha’s work and as such no authentic evidence has been found regarding his Poetry in Persian language. Although, Nur ad-Din Abdar-RahmanJami only praises his memory of poetry in his book Nafahat al-Uns. Therefore, in the present article, an Analysis will be made on the verses which have been added to Munajat as in those verses which are not Ansari’s but are there in the book will be sorted out and presented along with the original names of their poets.