Hafiz Shirazi and Proverbs


  • anahita Journal
  • Gulam Akbar
  • Muhammad Waseem


Proverb, Hafez Sherazi, Persian Poetry


A proverb is a short sentence that contains similes or wise articles, and is well known for its fluency of words and technique. Proverbs are very common in Persian language and literature. If we consider the poetry of Persian poets such as Maulana Room, Ferdowsi, Nezami, and Saadi, it becomes clear that these poets have compiled proverbs to spread their thoughts and this method produces a special style in Persian language and literature.Hafez Sherazi is one of the greatest Persian poets who has used proverbs in such a way that his poetry itself hasreached the level of proverb. The following article gives a review of the application of proverbs in Hafez’s poetry.