Props Morphology and the Anecdotes of Hadiqah al-Haqiqah Sanai


  • anahita Journal
  • Mariam Kiyani
  • Reza.ashrafzadeh


Morpheology, Vladimir Propp, Hadiqat-ol-Haqiqat, Sanai


Narrative is a modern and structuralist approach to the study of literature, and it should be the Russian anthropologist Vladimir Popop, who initiated this new narrative. In the form of the fairy tales, he considers "synagogues" as a fixed element of the story, and based on that The form determines the story. In recent years, the "morphology" of Persian literary works has attracted the attention of scholars, including the works of the ancient Persian literature that has the ability to morphology, "Hadiqai-ol-Hadiqah" Sanai. The present study uses a descriptive-analytic method to study the structure of the Hadiqat-ol-Haqiqa-sanayi’s(Eleven stories from the kings in chapter eight) according to the Propp model. The most important of these results is that, from the Prop synopsis, the initial scene has the largest share in Hedayat’s anecdotes. The final scene of the stories ends up at the same pinnacle of the crisis, and the story unfolds without knotting. Lack and need, evil, absenteeism and reaction are the most important pieces of anecdotes that play a role more than other elements.