Indian Farsi Dialect and Diwani Terms (Idioms) in the Subcontinent (Mohammad Jalaluddin Akbarshah Gorkani Era)


  • anahita Journal
  • Soraya Panahi


Divine Terminology, Subcontinent, Indian Farsi, Ayin Akbari, Akbarnameh


Subcontinent Diwani terms, especially the Diwani idiomsof the Indian Mongols Era (Timurid / Gurkanian) have not been studied so far. Oncethe Farsi language or the Indian Farsi dialect was the language used in the legal and Diwani affairs of the land. This article provides a history of the Farsi ialectic and its developments in the subcontinent. It provides examples of its structural features and to get familiar with its written structure The work of Akbar nameh, Ayin Akbari, two Diwani work of Abu al-Fazl Alami and Abu al-Fath Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbarshah isalso described.