The Persian Department, LCWU has been working day and night to foster better understanding of Persian Language and literature and Iranology. The focus is not just on the understanding of the language, but to provide proficiency in all language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing). A spacious, well-equipped library is available for students and faculty, where most of the literature on Persian language can be found. Our annual research journal "Anahita", a journal of Persian language, literature, art and cultural studies is a mile stone in this journey. "Anahita".A Persian goddess was adopted by Zoroastrain pantheon. "Anahita", 'means the immaculate one' or 'spotless' or 'faultless'. Her connection to water reflects purity, strength and independence. Her power brought fertility to humans and animals, making land fertile and productive.Naming the journal "Anahita", signifies the hope that it will embody the qualities of purity and productivity symbolized by the deity named "Anahita". Research is an essential part of any educational field and I hope this academic journal will open more opportunities for Persian scholars and students who are interested in this language, its literature and research.

Anahita is an annual, open access, double-blind peer-reviewed journal. Each article accepted by peer review is made freely available online immediately. Anahita indexed by ISC, Iran, EBSCO, America and Tehqeeqat UET, Lahore. There is no charge for submitting a paper to the journal till date.

It was launched with an objective of promoting research studies in Pakistan. Published by Department of Persian of LCWU, a renowned women university of Lahore, Pakistan. Anahita is dedicated to promotion culture of research and dissemination of quality research studies among institutions, universities, researchers, and students and to cater the works of educational practitioners, scholars and theorists to provide latest and innovative research material for national and international researcher's community. The journal supports original and collaborative research from all parts of the world to share in creating knowledge in diverse contexts.

Aim and Scope

Anahita aims to provide research findings and promote scholarship in History, language and literature. A multidisciplinary and innovative approach towards research in education is the special focus of the journal. Anahita aims to supports original and collaborative research from all over the world .Anahita is committed to provide expert and authoritative reviews and analyses of the most important developments across the rapidly expanding fields of language and literature, linguistic , art and culture. It also provides a unique forum by bringing together invited contributions from the foremost international experts, to examine new technologies and methodologies with the latest research on systems, simulations and standards.