The history of Persian Department is the history of Lahore College for Women University, Lahore. The Persian Department has a glorious past spanning of nine decades. In 1922 when Lahore College for Women was founded there were only few departments like Chemistry, English, Urdu, Philosophy, Physics, Economics, Political Science and one of these was the Persian Department.

The key factor behind the establishment of the Persian Department in Lahore College for Women was that the Persian language was the only official language of the sub – continent starting from Mahmud Ghaznavi’s period to the Mughal Era. In addition, seventy five percent of Urdu language is derived from Persian language. A great treasure of religious books is in Persian and many others have been translated in Persian language. These books are an authority in religious teachings too. Many rare manuscripts are also available in Persian literature.

The Department of Persian is one of the oldest departments of Lahore College for Women University, Lahore. The importance of this department has justified its existence in university and has contributed to its growth. The department has produced prominent scholars like Dr. Aarfa Sayeda, Ms. Kishwer Naheed and Ms. Shabnam Shakeel who have enhanced its stature and status. Prominent faculty members like Mrs. Q.A Chishti, Syeda Ashraf Bokhari, Mrs. Saeeda Chaudhry, Mrs. Mehboob Abid Ali, Mrs. Nafeesa Athar, Mrs. Saeeda Asif, Dr. Khalida Aftab, Dr. Zamurrad Salman and Mrs. Ra_a Shah have rendered their services in this department in the past.

The Persian Department is actively arranging and participating in various co – curricular activities within university and in other educational and cultural institutions. The co–curricular activities comprised essay writing competitions, poetry recitations, debates, declamation contests and Olympaid on Persian Language and Literature.

HOD’s Message

We welcome you to one of the oldest departments at LCWU. The Persian Department offers BS (4-year) and MS programs. Our faculty strives to grip prospective students with a broad spectrum of knowledge, skills and with special emphasis on analytical and quantitative aspects of the subject. Our aim is to enable the students to become efficient problem solvers decision makers and best translator, irrespective of whether they pursue their professional careers as practitioners or academicians.

The faculty is going through transformation experience. The emphasis is placed on independent and critical thinking so that our graduates will emerge as women leaders, innovators and agents of change in all walks of life. The teaching faculty and students are motivated to actively participate in various co-curricular activities especially competitions at the provincial and national levels.

The department has also started an MS programme in Persian. Our faculty is comprised of senior and experienced teachers as well as young graduates. Some of our faculty members are currently pursuing their doctoral studies abroad. The Persian Department welcomes you to join it and take part in its endeavor to produce graduates who are enlightened, progressive and at the same time, are able to understand the value of traditions.

S. Faleeha Zahra Kazmi
Head of Persian Department